The Bike Project Takes Over The World (Well, Deptford)

The Bike Project Workshop Deptford

As any of you who have visited our Denmark Hill HQ will know, it's been bursting at the seams for quite some time now. For 3 years, we've just about managed to squeeze our office, workshop, bike shop and refugee donation hub into an area no bigger than a corner shop. Well, today we're thrilled to announce that the madness is over: we've expanded!

Our new gaff, snuggled under a railway arch in delightful Deptford, will be entirely dedicated to fixing bikes and our core raison d'être: giving dope bikes to refugees.

Finding such a great space was anything but a pootle in the park – especially given extortionate rents in London – and we've got a lot of people to thank. Not least y'all for continuing to support The Bike Project as we grow and grow and grow!

So special thanks to all the volunteers who came out to give our new workshop a much-needed lick of paint – without such dedicated decorators it'd be a pretty miserable place for refugees to come and get their first bike.

With the addictive smell of fresh paint still hanging in the air, we have now just had our first refugee bike giveaway in Deptford. Everything seemed to go to plan, if the smiles were anything to go by! 

Denmark Hill will remain our HQ, comfortably housing our office staff and our shop. Our office staff will be super lonely without the mechanics tearing up the place, so do come and say hi – and maybe take one of our superb secondhand bikes for a test ride while you're at it!

Track us down in Denmark Hill and Deptford with addresses and maps on our contact page.

Written on: 22 Feb 2018 | Author: David Charles


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