All bike donors should arrive at your drop-off point having registered their bike in advance, and been assigned a unique Bike Number via email and text.

If they haven't completed this process, please ask them to complete the short form prior to leaving their bike with you (this is a simple process that can be easily completed on a smart phone). They can do so at the following link:


Please enter their bike number below, along with the name of your drop-off point.

Bike Number (required format - B-XXXXX)

Your Location: 


Useful information

We're always on the look-out for new drop-off points! If you know of another location that could be suitable, please let us know! Contact Ed Hulme on the following email:

Did you know we have FAQs at the bottom of this page? These have been created specifically for drop-off points, so they should answer most of your questions.

Beneficiary and bike

Every bike donated goes directly towards supporting refugees, whether it is donated to a refugee or through the proceeds we raise from its sale – which go directly back to helping refugees.

Thank you for being part of our mission!


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