FAQs-Donor Bike Registration Page

Donate a bike
  • I've got a bike to donate, do you want it?
    Can I get a hell yeah? Hell yeah! The Bike Project only exists because of donations of bikes from generous people like you.

     take any bike of any size and in any condition as long as the frame isn't cracked, dented or snapped in two and there is no more than 25% rust - we love a challenge, but can't resurrect a write-off!
  • Do you accept spare parts or scooters?
    Sadly no! We do not accept spare parts because of the risk of issues further down the line and do not accept scooters as we haven’t got the means to repair or donate these.
  • What do I do next?
    Firstly and most importantly, register your bike above so we know what’s coming our way! Then, get in touch with one of our drop-off points to arrange your drop-off. We have drop-off points around London, Oxford and the West Midlands, run by an incredible team of volunteers!

    Make sure to bring your unique bike number along to the drop-off point, so they can attach it to the bike with one of their fancy pants waterproof tags. That will mean we can identify which bike is yours and can ultimately let you know where it ends up!
  • Is it still safe to donate a bike at the moment with COVID-19?
    All of our drop-off points have got a stock of hygiene supplies and protective gear to ensure they can receive bike donations safely. They will also be operating a strict no contact donation process to ensure a safe distance is maintained at all times. So why not use the lockdown to finally clear out those old bikes from your garage or garden!
  • I can't get my bike to you, can you collect it?
    Oh no! Sadly, we simply can't afford to hire a van to collect donations of less than 10 bikes. If you do have half a peloton of bikes to donate, then awesome, by all means get in touch. Otherwise, see if you can get your bike to one of our many drop-off points.
  • I've just donated my bike, what happens next?
    Once you’ve dropped off your bike to one of our drop-off points, it will be making its way back to our workshop shortly. All the bikes we receive are then assessed by our crack team of mechanics, lovingly refurbished and given a full service.

    Most of these spruced up bikes are donated to super happy refugees, along with a helmet, lights, lock, hi-vis vest, gloves, a set of tools for bike adjustments and cycle safety training so they can cycle safely off into the sunset! A small proportion of bike donated are sold to bargain hunting bikers through our online charity shop. Every single penny we make in sales is ploughed straight back into the charity!
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