Full Bike Service
Full Bike Service
Full Bike Service
  • Full Bike Service
  • Full Bike Service
  • Full Bike Service
Product details
Brakes and gears adjusted
Wheels trued and tensioned in truing stand
Bearing adjusted
Tyres inflated
Chain lubricated
Components checked for wear
Frame and fork wiped down and checked for damage
Drive chain removed, de-greased, cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated.
Courtesy bike available while we fix yours!

Charity Impact

Every penny you spend goes towards getting refugees cycling! Read more about our mission here.

Professional view from Stu

"A bike is for life, not just for Christmas!"

With everything that our bikes do for us week in week out, it's easy to forget that sometimes they also need a little bit of TLC. Riding your bike mercilessly until something breaks is one way to do things, but certainly not one that we'd recommend.

As we're sure you'll agree, it's no fun riding a bike when the chain keeps slipping all the time, you don't have full trust in your brakes and there's a squeaky soundtrack everywhere you go! 

The Bike Project workshop is something of a spa for bikes. We welcome them with wide smiles and open arms, and know just the right buttons to push for maximum recuperation. Having fixed more than 10,000 bikes since the project began, there isn't much that our professional mechanics haven't seen.

And don't worry, we're not one of those pretentious bike shops that'll shame you for not having the latest and greatest, we just want to get more people cycling, whoever you are and whatever bike you ride! 

While we're fixing your pride and joy, our friendly mechanics are right on hand to advise you on any parts that may need replacing, any upgrades that you're planning or simply any technical questions you may have! Don't be shy, we love talking bikes!

Just drop-off your bike to our London Workshop on the morning of your booked service and we'll do the rest. We're happy to supply you with a courtesy bike whilst we fix yours and, assuming we don't need to order any special parts for your bike, we'll try to have your serviced bike back to you within 48 hours.

Important info

  • Drop off your bike at our workshop between 8.30am - 10.30am on the day of your booking. See the map below for directions.
  • Unless specialist parts are required, we should have your bike ready to collect within 48 hours.
  • If we need to replace parts on your bike, the new part will be of the same value and quality as the original. We can't repair bikes using your own parts.
  • Once we've assessed your bike, we'll call you to discuss the repairs. You'll need to approve and pay for any new parts before we begin the service. 
  • A courtesy bike and lock are available if required. You'll be responsible for any damage to the courtesy bike while it's with you, so please do your best to keep it safe!

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