Corporate Servicing Summer 2018
from £45.00
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Do your staff love cycling into work, but struggle to find the time to keep their bikes in tip-top condition? Luckily for you and your team, we offer an awesome on-site, same day and low-cost bike repair service for offices around London!

Every £100 you spend on servicing your bike means we can give a refugee one of their own - plus helmet, lights and lock to keep them safe on the road. Fixing up your bike never did so much good!

“The Bike Project continues to deliver exceptional service and value for money year on year. It’s reassuring to know that our members bikes are safe for the open road.” - Chris Brocklehurst, Linklaters

Our mechanics

Introducing our crack team of mechanics: the muscle-bound miracle-workers who turn even the worst scrapheap dodgers into gleaming machines that wouldn't look out of place in the Tour de France.

Carlos Manuel Castro Riesco

Originally hailing from Patagonia, Carlos is our upcycling king. Growing up, his nearest bike shop was 50km away, so he had to learn to fix his bikes with whatever was to h...

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Stu Harwood-Hope

Stu is our mechanic-in-chief. Best known for daring repairs, rapping, drinking decaf-tea and teaching mechanics to refugees. Aged 15, Stu started tinkering with bikes down...

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Corporate Servicing
  • How do our employees purchase a service?
    We will provide promotional material for you to share with your employees. This contains a link to our online shop where they can purchase a service and other accessories.
  • Where will the bikes be serviced?
    If you have access to car parking we require no more than a parking space for the day. We can also repair the bikes your building if there is an equivalent space for the day. We will, of course, ensure that the site is left exactly as we found it.
  • What else do you need from us?
    We try to make arranging the days as simple as possible for our partners. The biggest thing you can do to support us is to let as many people as possible know about the opportunity. If you share a building with other companies then please feel free to share the information with them too; we can always bring more mechanics!
  • How many bikes can you service in a day?
    Each mechanic can service around 10 bikes a day. We will bring enough mechanics to ensure we complete all the services purchased.