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£20 Pays for one cycle lesson, including use of a bike and travel money
£50 Buys bike lights, a lock, helmet, gloves and cycle instruction
£100 Gives one refugee a bike, helmet, lock and road safety instruction
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Charity Impact

£100 means we can get another refugee cycling with a refurbished bike as well as lights, helmet and lock so they can cycle safely in London Read more about our mission here.

Professional view from Stu

Gosh you're generous! A cash donation to The Bike Project means we can focus all our energies on getting refugees cycling.

How do we do this? Glad you asked! We give every single bike a thorough professional refurb, replacing all the worn parts with brand new components to make sure they're in tip-top riding condition for many miles yet.

We also want to make sure that our beneficiaries are cycling safely on London's busy roads. So we give them essential safety equipment, including lights, lock and helmet, as well as a road safety lesson from a qualified instructor. For women refugees, we also offer a free cycling proficiency courses in Croydon and Wapping.

Finally, we promise all our beneficiaries free unlimited bike repairs!

Rest assured, your donation is going to a great cause!

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