According to TfL there are over 27,000 bikes abandoned every year in London alone, and thousands more rusting away unused and unloved in sheds or stairwells across the UK.

These bikes are just begging for new owners to ride and treasure them – we can almost hear them calling out to us!

The problem we face is getting these sad bikes – marooned in Mosely, rusting in Ruislip or homeless in Hendon – to our workshops in London and Birmingham.

That’s where you come in! By becoming a bike drop-off point, you can help us hunt these bikes down and make sure they can be given a new home!

What is a pop-up drop-off point?

A pop-up drop-off point is a bike donation point within a local community where people can drop off old or abandoned bikes to donate to The Bike Project.

It is a pop up because it is just for a short period of time – normally only a few hours.

These hyper-local events help extend our permanent network of bike drop off points to the very heart of communities and makes it that bit easier for people to donate a bike to us.

What will I need to set one up?

Setting up a pop-up drop-off point is hassle free! All it requires is:

  • A named point of contact within your local community – you!
  • Outside space to store at least 10 bikes for the duration of the pop-up – this could be a front garden, garage, large garden shed or communal space in your block.
  • Some time in the week before to advertise your pop-up in your local community.
  • Time on the day to coordinate the incoming bikes, meet and thank bike donors and coordinate with our van driver who will bring the collection back to our workshop for repair.

We’ve got you covered for everything else!

Eager to find out more and get started?

HELL YEAH! Please get in touch with our team and we can send you everything you will need to get setup.


Setting up a regular drop-off point

What will I need to set one-up?

Setting up a regular drop-off point is easy peasy! All you need is:

  • A secure space for at least 10 bikes.
  • A point of contact to manage incoming donations and collections.

It could be your local place of worship, community centre, office, school, garage or garden shed.

We will send you everything else you need to get going. When you have receive 10 bikes (or more), we’ll come and pick them up in our van – job done!