How to get a bike

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Most of the bikes we give to refugees and people seeking asylum are distributed via the external organisations we work with.

If you’re currently being supported by one of these organisations, getting in touch with them directly is the quickest way to receive a bike.

However, if you’re eligible to receive a bike from us but not receiving support from one of our partners – we are open to a small number of applications per month in London and the West Midlands. These are extremelty limited, so you may need to come back to this page at the beginning of the month in order to apply.

See below for further details.

Applying for a Bike

This is a two-step process…

  1. Register your details via the form below – reading the information carefully before you do so. You will then be sent an Application Form to apply for a bike with us (via SMS message and Email).
  2. Complete your Application Form for a bike, making sure that all the information is accurate and up to date – including phone number, email, height, and home address.

The Bike Project
 donates second-hand, refurbished bikes to…

  • People currently seeking asylum in the UK
  • People who have been granted refugee status (or a positive decision on their asylum claim) in the UK, in the last 2 years
  • Children or dependents of the above groups

CLICK HERE to view our full eligibility criteria.

Please note –

  • We donate bikes at collection sessions only – bike recipients are given an appointment to come and collect a bike from one of our Collection Hubs. We do not provide any bikes via delivery
  • All bikes provided are refurbished and pre-owned
  • We do not give out any electric bikes.