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Give once or give monthly – it all gets refugees riding.




Delivers a bike to a refugee


Supplies a cycle safety kit


Gets a young refugee cycling


Buys a bike for a refugee

What you’re about to do could help change a life. No, really.

It costs us just £100 to professionally service a bike and provide it, with a safety kit, to a refugee. But there are hundreds of people on our waiting list and it keeps growing. That’s where you come in!

Whatever you can give, whatever the amount, will help us chip away at this waiting list.

We all know bikes are brilliant. But in the hands of a refugee they become a freedom machine, giving them access to food banks, education and advice.

Thank you for your support. Together, we’ll get more refugees riding!

If you are a Trust or Foundation, email to request bank details.

Can you spare a few quid for The Bike Project each month?

We’d love it if you can.

Monthly donations are extra special. Because when you support the Bike Project with a monthly donation, you help to give us stability and allow us to plan for the future.

And a little goes a long way. If you give us £3 a month, after a year you’ll have donated enough to teach a female refugee how to cycle – and there’ll still be spare change.

We’ve given bikes to more than 8,000 refugees and asylum seekers since 2013. Can you help us provide 8,000 more?

The bike is like a key into the community. It helps you meet other people in your surrounding community and helps with the physical wellbeing and at the same time, I save money as a refugee who is not able to buy a bike.

~ Yousef, Bike Recipient

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