Help us refurbish and give bikes to refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK


The impact of your gift

A black drawstring bag with The Bike Project's logo in a basket on the back of a green bike


could buy a cycle safety kit for a refugee: a helmet, bike lock, lights and a high-vis vest

A woman in a colourful outfit and hijab, smiling and confidently holding up her bike in a park


could provide a cycling lesson for a refugee woman on our Pedal Power programme

A woman and her daughter smiling with their bikes, with the daughter doing a 'rock on' hand motion


could refurbish a bike for a child refugee


could refurbish a bike for an adult refugee

A bike can be life-changing

After fleeing war and persecution, people seeking asylum in the UK are forbidden from working and forced to live on just £6.43 a day. Those who receive refugee status are still doubly hit by the soaring cost of living and the hostile environment.

A bike is a free and sustainable way to access vital services like education and healthcare. More than that, a bike can provide freedom, joy and community. Our bike recipients are twice as likely to go on into employment, education or training.

There are hundreds of people on our waiting list, and it keeps growing.

It costs us £150 to professionally service a bike and give it to a refugee (or £75 for a child refugee). That’s where you come in! Whether you give once or monthly, anything you can spare will be life-changing.

Thank you for showing solidarity with refugees!

Buy a gift for a refugee

Illustrated graphic showing impact stats of The Bike Project's achievements to date, including 11044 bikes refurbished and donated to refugees
If you are a Trust or Foundation, please email to request bank details.
If you are a Trust or Foundation, please email to request bank details.
Smiling man holding a piece of art in a cafe with a quote "I used to ride my bike back home. When The Bike Project gave me the bike it gave me happiness thinking of my memories of back home."
A smiling woman with her quote "Ownership is very important, and having a bike is an awesome experience. Having a bike makes me feel mentally strong."
A father and son with their bikes next to a quote "The bike is like a key into the community. It helps you meet other people and with the physical wellbeing at the same time."