Cycling classes for women by women

Free cycling lessons, led by qualified cycling instructor women. Inspiring our participants to feel the freedom of their very own bike.

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We get refugees cycling! We do that by donating bikes, but also by teaching some refugees how to cycle!

Living on as little as £8.86 a week while being prohibited to work, can be difficult – and doubly so for women who often are less likely to cycle than men.

In 2014 we started cycling classes by women, for women. Our Pedal Power program teaches cycling to refugee women in a safe, supportive and empowering environment. With lessons that focus on confidence, road safety and even maintenance, our Pedal Power graduates leave with more than just the ability to cycle.

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How does it work?

Apply to learn how to cycle


Join cycling lessons in your area & receive a bike from us


Join our Pedal Power community: events, workshops, mechanic courses and more


After 6 sessions you’ll receive a certificate and gift at a graduation ceremony


If you’re an instructor, please get in touch with us to inquire about opportunities!

Read below for more stories about past Pedal Power graduates

Majda – Pedal Power Graduate

To date we have had more than 400 graduates. One of those is Majda from Birmingham, who told us a little more of her experience.

I was so nervous, I thought I would be judged for never having been on a bike before. As a Hijabi woman, you never saw other Hijabi women cycling in Sudan. I feel so proud to be able to cycle now.

Hala – Pedal Power Graduate and Trustee

Hala graduated in 2019, and this year joined our Board of Trustees.  She said:

I’ve been a bike recipient, a Pedal Power student and now a Trustee. I’ve experienced every part of The Bike Project, and it all started with learning how to cycle.

Pedal Power was the beginning of great things for her:

Although I was terrified to start cycling and was convinced I’d never learn, my instructor was so patient. And within just a few lessons, I was cycling confidently. Cycling is such a big part of my mental and physical health now. I wouldn’t be this person without it.

If you are a woman refugee or asylum seeker who would like to apply for Pedal Power as a student, send us an email for next steps.