Thank you

By registering for Gift Aid, you maximise your impact!


How does Gift Aid work?

As a registered charity in the UK, we are eligible to claim another 25p from HMRC for every £1 you donate. That means Gift Aid will increase the value of your donations by 25%.

Do I need to claim for every donation I make?

No, you only need to submit the Gift Aid form once, then we’ll be able to claim on any donations you’ve made in the past four years. This includes cash or direct debit donations to us, sponsoring a fundraiser that was fundraising for us, and if you’ve donated any bikes that were then sold in our charity shop.

If you believe a past donation should not be included in Gift Aid, email to let us know to exclude it. One example could be if you’ve donated at some point in the last four years but you weren’t a UK taxpayer at the time.