We take secondhand bikes, fix them up and donate them to refugees and people seeking asylum in London and Birmingham.

The UK is bursting with opportunities – but it’s also expensive. Especially when you’re trying to navigate the complex asylum process on just £49.18 a week, or even as little as £8.86 a week if living in catered accommodation. At The Bike Project, we believe that no-one should have to choose between eating a square meal and catching the bus. That’s why we give bikes to refugees and people seeking asylum.

The Bike Project has been supporting refugees for almost a decade! From 2013 to 2022:


Bikes donated


Women taught to cycle


Bike Buddies connected


£ saved on transport costs

Our impact

Having fled persecution and atrocity in their country of origin, most refugees arrive in the UK with absolutely nothing. A bike helps them access food banks, legal advice, healthcare, education and much more. If they’re lucky enough to receive official refugee status, a bike can help refugees find employment.

As one of our bike recipients puts it:

When you have to go from charity to charity to feed yourself, a bike becomes very important to your life.

Research has shown that cycling improves health, helps reduce levels of depression and stress, empowers refugees.

In fact, our own research shows The Bike Project:

Provides opportunities to bring people together from different backgrounds

Reduces prejudice and negative stereotyping and increases trust

Reduces social isolation, loneliness and increases social confidence

About the people we support

  • People seeking asylum and refugees from 74 countries
  • Syria, Eritrea, Iran, Sudan and Afghanistan are the most common
  • 14.5% have been assessed as a vulnerable person for another reason
  • 10.5% were unaccompanied minors
  • Youngest bike recipient was 2 and the eldest was 77 years old
  • 34% of bike recipients are female

We also run Bike Buddies, a cycling befriending project, and Pedal Power, teaching refugee women to cycle.

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