Register for a bike in London or Birmingham

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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Due to the current situation with Covid-19 our waiting list is closed. If you have already registered for a bike we are currently working out a new process to deliver it directly to you. Please await further communication from us.

Am I eligible for a bike and/or cycling lessons?

Yes, if you are either: an asylum-seeker or have been granted refugee status within the last 5 years and can get to our Birmingham or London workshops to collect, you may register for a bike.

If you are a refugee woman aged 15-80 then you can also get a bike through Pedal Power, our programme of cycling lessons for refugee women. Click here for more information about Pedal Power and how to register for cycling lessons. If you don't fit these criteria, then unfortunately we can't help you.

I just need a bike, how do I register?

Our bike donation process is very straight-forward. You must complete a form where you will be asked to provide some basic personal details (including your Home Office ID or reference number) and then we will be in touch with an appointment date and time to collect a bike. Please note that there is often a long waiting list and so you may not hear back from us for up to 3 months after requesting your appointment.

Complete the form

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 our waiting list is closed.

We will be in touch

Within 3 months we will contact you with appointment details about how to collect your bike.

Collect your bike!

Come to your appointment to receive your bike (we will reimburse £5 for the cost of travel).

Registering for a bike
  • Can I get a bike from The Bike Project?
    If you are an asylum seeker or have been granted refugee status in the UK within the last 5 years, then you can get a bike from us.
  • I am an asylum seeker or refugee, how can I get a bike?
    You can register online to go on our waiting list. You will need your unique ARC, BRP or HO number to register.
  • I have registered for a bike, what happens next?
    When we have a bike ready for you we will send you a text inviting you to attend an appointment to collect it. Please note: the current waiting time for a bike is 3 months.

    It is very important to bring your ID with you when you collect your bike. If you do not bring your ID, we cannot give you the bike.

    At your appointment we will also give you:
    • helmet
    • lights
    • visibility vest
    • lock
    • basic cycle safety training
  • I have an appointment to collect a bike but can’t make it!
    Don't worry! Let us know by replying to the text or email confirmation and we will contact you to rearrange the appointment. Remember to bring your ID with you to your new appointment as otherwise we cannot give you the bike.
  • I can’t cycle, but want to learn – can I still get a bike?
    Definitely! We give basic cycle safety training upon collection and afterwards will refer you to local cycle training schemes in the area where you live.

    We also offer free beginners cycle training for women only in Wapping and Croydon. See our cycle training page for more details.
  • I do not live in London, can I still get a bike?
    Absolutely! But the bike needs to be collected from our London workshop the next time you are visiting London. There are sometimes opportunities for us to arrange bikes to be delivered through partner organisations, but these are rare. Email if you have a specific concern about how to collect your bike.
  • My bike has been stolen, what do I do?
    Report the crime to the police and let us know as soon as possible by emailing We will then contact you with details about how to get back on to the waiting list for a replacement bike.
  • My bike is broken!
    If you got your bike from us and need to fix it, please bring it back to the workshop on a Thursday from 5 – 8pm. You can also take it to one of our local bike shop partners.

    If you got your bike from somewhere else, unfortunately we cannot give you parts or help you fix it. However, there are lots of community organisations that can help. Please email us for a list of those we know about.

Our impact

A bike helps refugees and asylum-seekers access food banks, legal advice, healthcare, education and much more. If they're lucky enough to receive official refugee status, a bike can help them find employment.

Since 2013, we have given away over 4,500 bikes to refugees from dozens of countries.

Each bike saves a refugee over £20 per week in bus fares - that's over £1,000 per year.

We run free cycling proficiency training for refugee women in London and Birmingham.