Set up a drop-off point

Could you or your organisation become a drop-off point for bike donations and help us get more refugees cycling?

Why Drop-Off Points?

According to TfL there are over 20,000 bikes abandoned on the streets of London every year, and thousands more rusting away unused and unloved in sheds or stairwells.

These bikes are just begging for new owners to ride and treasure them – we can almost hear them calling out to us!

The problem we face is getting these sad bikes – marooned in Morden, rusting in Ruislip or homeless in Hendon – to our happy workshop in Deptford.

That's where you come in. By becoming a bike drop-off point, you can help us make logistics history – and it's so simple.

How to become a Pop Up Drop-Off Point

You'll need:

  • Just 1 Friday - we all have one of these!
  • A reasonably-sized space where your staff, or members, can drop off their bike until we can pick up (on the same day, hopefully, subject to prior arrangement). It could be an empty room, a basement or underground car park - almost anywhere can be turned into a Pop Up Drop-Off Point!
  • A point of contact to organise the drop-off at your end.

That's it - we'll do everything else!

We'll pick the bikes up from you on the day, so there'll be no bikes hanging around for ages.

Then we'll fix them up and regift them to refugees and asylum seekers so they can access vital services around London.

Email for more, erm, info. Remember to ask for a poster to help promote your bike collection in your organisation. 

How to become a Regular Drop-Off Point

You'll need:

  • Secure space for at least 10 bikes.
  • A point of contact to manage drop-offs.

It could be your local place of worship, community centre, office, school, garage or garden shed.

When 10 bikes (or more) have been collected, give us a call and we'll come and pick them up in our van.

Done – that's another peloton of refugees given the freedom of the city!

What we offer our Regular Drop-Off Points

As well as the warm fuzzy feeling of helping people in real need, we'd love to offer regular drop-off point organisers:

  • One free Dr Bike servicing session
  • A discount at our online store
  • An invite to our legendary annual volunteer party!

We also reckon bike drop-off points are a cool thing to do with your local community and will get people talking about the joys of cycling and the trials of migration.

You can read what some of our current drop-off points have to say about their experiences on our blog.

How to get started as a Regular Drop-Off Point

All the gory details on how to set up your bike drop-off point are in our downloadable Tool Kit.

If you have any other questions or fancy talking it through with a human, please do get in touch.


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