Volunteer Spotlight: Omid

It is almost the end of Volunteers’ Week, and we’re going to style it out with a ‘hello’ to another Birmingham-based Donation Sessions Volunteer, Omid.

Omid is a 24-year-old man from a city called Shiraz in Iran, where Omid grew up, studied and obtained a diploma in electronics. In 2019, he fled his country for religious and political reasons and made what he describes as a difficult journey to England.

Now, Omid is settled in the West Midlands, where he helps us to deliver our donation sessions; a weekly event where people come to pick up their donated bikes from The Bike Project.
Omid helps people to pick out the right bike for them, kits them out with essential accessories including a helmet, lights, and a bike lock, and is particularly helpful communicating with Farsi speakers when they come in to get a bike from us.

Similarly to Ahmad (see Ahmad’s blog here), Omid received a bike from us and began volunteering with us soon after. We had a chat with him to learn a bit more about his experience with us:

“I have to use this idle time to help people.”

What’s your favourite thing about volunteering at The Bike Project?

Finding new friends, helping refugees and anyone who needs help. Also getting to know the country and people of England [and] learn[ing] more languages.

Why did you sign up to volunteer with The Bike Project and how did you first hear about us?

Because I am currently unemployed, and I have the ability to work. This makes me feel good. I was informed through one of the employees of the asylum office that I could serve the people and myself voluntarily. Due to the fact that I have free time now and for my own health and well-being, I have to use this idle time to help people.

Why is volunteering important? 

Because it is the best way to help the society. This country has sheltered me and I have to serve this country.

Why is the Bike Project’s work important?

Because this [a bike] is the best way to help transport and move refugees, and also encourage people to use bicycles for health and the environment. Also, it is fuel efficient and does not cause air and nature pollution.

Has Omid’s story inspired you? There are a range of ways you could get involved, whether it be in London, Birmingham or remotely.
Click here for more information on how you could volunteer with The Bike Project, or click here to directly fill out our volunteer application form!

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