A 1730 mile challenge inspired by Refugee Routes

Working in this sector, there are good days and some really tough days. So it lifts our spirits to see supporters come up with incredible fundraising efforts to support our work. The team at CFXI, a gym in Walkden near Manchester, are taking on a challenge inspired by Refugee Routes.

Refugee Routes is a design-your-own cycling challenge. Cycle the same distance as a common refugee migration route – for example, 51 miles to represent the journey from Calais to Dover, or 918 miles to represent the journey from Damascus to Izmir. You can cover the distance in one go or separate journeys; as an individual or a team; and choose wherever you’d like to do it. Along the way, you’ll be sent messages to learn how a refugee felt as they travelled that same distance.

CFXI have an ambitious aim – to cover a total of 1730 miles in just 5 days on a combination of bikes, ski ergs and rowers. Learn more about CFXI’s challenge.

Can you help them achieve their fundraising goal of £5000Donate here.

Feeling inspired?

If you’d like to participant in a fundraising event, check out Refugee Routes or our Fundraising Resources page for information on ways to help us get more refugees cycling.

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