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Behind the bike: Retail Manager Lucinda

We are so happy to welcome Lucinda to The Bike Project team as the Retail Manager (maternity cover). She’s an amazing addition to the retail team. The Bike Project Shop sells refurbished bikes, accessories, and servicing with all funds going back into our charity work getting refugees cycling. In fact, every £100 spent in our shop funds another refugee on our wait list with a refurbished bike. How amazing is that?!

We had a quick chat with Lucinda to see how she is getting on:

What do you do at The Bike Project?

I am the Retail Operations Manager covering for Marta!

Describe The Bike Project Shop in three words.

Intentional, Inclusive and Fun!

Why do you think the work The Bike Project does is important?

Providing a refugee with a bike can be such a lifeline in so many ways both practically and emotionally. Even knowing that there is community out there that is rooting for you and wants you to succeed can be a real source of comfort for people coming out of a distressing time. Having all of our bike donations come through the public also gives people an alternative way to support refugees when they can . It’s also great to be promoting such a sustainable way of getting around with the current climate crisis in mind. The other work we do such as Bike Buddies and Pedal Sessions give refugees lifelong skills where they can also connect with others and feel supported. The people that work here do an amazing job and you can see the passion they have to help, it’s a great energy to be putting out into the world! Watching them go above and beyond support the work we do  – with a smile on their faces- has been inspiring to see.

What is your favourite cycling memory?

I did an exchange in Rotterdam while at university- it was my first time traveling everywhere by bike! Lots of fond memories of windmills, tulips, and questionable cycles home after the pub!

Favourite spot in London, other than TBP shop 😊

I love a viewpoint so I enjoy living around Southeast where all the best views are! One of my favourites is the view of London from the top of Woodland Road in Crystal Palace- although not so fun to cycle up those hills from where I live!

In an ideal world, how should refugees be supported in the UK?

They should be given quick and timely access to housing, healthcare and the tools needed to build up a life for themselves. Feeling welcomed and having the opportunity to connect with their new neighbours is also key- they have so much value to give back to our communities and they need the help and support to heal, thrive and get back on their feet.

Check out our shop for bikes, accessories, and servicing: 📌 170-172 Camberwell Road or online

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