Meet our Cyber Cyclist teachers: Kevin

Fitness instructor Kevin de la Rosa has been keeping our community motivated and moving with his engaging workouts. We spoke with him to find out more…


How did you first hear about The Bike Project, and how did you get involved?

I’m Kevin de la Rosa. I heard about The Bike Project from my colleague at Springboard Youth who was already involved in this project, she explained to me the great job that was being done to help provide bikes, while also promoting health and wellbeing.

How can your teaching benefit our Cyber Cyclists?

My coaching style is engaging and fun, which helps the attendees look forward to the next session. This is great to improve our Cyber Cyclist fitness while being at home, which can help build confidence when cycling on the road.

What’s your favourite Cyber Cyclists memory?

My absolute best memory is when we were doing one of our “end of the session challenges” and one our Cyber Cyclists kept motivating the rest of the group to keep going.

In an ideal world, how would refugees be supported in the UK?

In an ideal world there would be more support for wonderful projects such as the one we are working on. Access to interactive activities and sport can help with not only with physical, but also mental health. Also, bikes are a great tool that can allow refugees to freely move from A to B.


Get involved with Cyber Cyclists!

If you’re a Bike Project volunteer or have ever received a free bike from us, you are welcome to join our Cyber Cyclists programme. See the timetable and join here.

If you have a skill to teach or share with our community, please register your volunteering interest using this form and tick ‘Cyber Cyclists volunteering’ under ‘What type of volunteering are you interested in?’


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