TBP + DOST = FUN FUN FUN! (words by Marian Spiers)

I’ve been bringing small groups of young people to The Bike Project for nearly 2 years now.  In this time, around 20 of the separated young people and migrants who we work with have benefited from a bicycle.  I work as the Youth Work Programme Manager at Dost ( East London, and found out about the project through twitter.  I arranged to meet Jem, and have been taking young people to the project ever since.  It’s friendly, laid back and the young people enjoy the atmosphere. They get to learn new skills, meet new people, and receive a bike complete with all the safety equipment.

This gives them freedom, saves them money and improves their health and lifestyle.

Down at the workshop, it’s been really nice for our young people to meet other people from their own countries, volunteering and learning to fix bikes together.  One of the young people was also given the opportunity to go along and help at some corporate bike- repair fundraising sessions, for which he was paid and which greatly increased his confidence.

It’s a great project and provides a safe, welcoming space to everyone who comes along… it’s simple, easy and promotes recycling: turning something unwanted into something that is useful and beneficial to many.

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