Why you should buy a refurbished bike

Four reasons why you should buy a refurbished bike at The Bike Project:

They are green.

Unlike your standard bikes, refurbished bikes don’t add unnecessary carbon emissions through manufacturing. In fact, by refurbishing rather than manufacturing bikes, we saved the equivalent carbon emissions of over 2,200 round trip flights from London to Barcelona in 2022 alone!

They are unique.

Our beautiful bikes are completely unique- our mechanics build and fine tune our bike donations to create the perfect bike. Check out the story behind this beautiful bike donation from Birmingham.

Four photos showing the progression of a bike refurbishment.

They are local.

Most manufactured bikes are made up of parts from all over the world. Our refurbished bikes are local bikes, locally refurbished, and with their own local history.

They are cheaper.

Riding in style doesn’t need to break the bank. From road, to hybrid, to vintage, at The Bike Project you can get a bespoke bike at a bargain price. With free shipping to UK Mainland for orders over £30, Clearpay finance available and £15 off for click and collect purchases over £20, it’s really a steal.

Shop online or visit our friendly staff in our Camberwell shop at 170-172 Camberwell Road and find your next bike!

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